In Vivo article regarding Bristol-Myers Squibb's Eastern European Strategy

A concept, process and program created by Jan Buck resulted in Bristol-Myers Squibb's highly successful Eastern European market penetration operating unit.

A valuable article describing in detail this innovative and successful strategy can be found in the December 1995 edition of In Vivo.

Interested parties can obtain copies of the article by contacting David Cassack, Co-Publisher of In Vivo and the author of the article, at Windhover Information Inc., Norwalk, CT, 203 838-4401. The article is entitled:

Corporate Strategies: BMS' Eastern European Strategy:

Bristol-Myers Squibb's Eastern European strategy uses cross-divisional linkages and a unique customer focus to create a BMS brand. In the process, the corporation may have found the perfect model for a managed care marketplace.

The paradigm and the process embodied in the BMS program is incorporated in Princeton Group International's strategic consultancy offerings.

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