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Developing strategic and business growth initiatives for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device, diagnostic, R&D, information management and healthcare provider organizations.

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President -- Jan Andrew Buck, has over two decades of corporate transactions and business experience in the healthcare industry, with particular strengths in the development of healthcare businesses, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing, licensing, regulatory matters, market development and technology transfer. Jan has successfully structured, implemented and managed global acquisition transactions, strategic alliances, technology transfers and venture investments, including the merger of Bristol-Myers Company and Squibb Corporation. He has served as a Vice President of Corporate Development, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Vice President, Law at Squibb Corporation. He was graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University and received his J.D. degree from Columbia Law School where he was Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar and Editor, Columbia Journal of Transnational Law. He also served in the U.S. Navy as Legal Officer of the Sixth Fleet Flagship.

Advisory Board Member of American Health Partners

Orchid raises $27M through sale of stock

Jans' comment for the New York Times article
"A Shift of Power in Pharmaceuticals"

Vice President -- Carol J. Holmes, MIA, has a background in molecular biology and is trained in marketing and advertising of healthcare products. Since joining PGI in 1992 she has specialized in pharmaceutical, medical device, and biomedical technology transfers. She holds two U.S. Patents for dermatological therapeutics and patents pending for protein related cosmetics. Carol received her B.A. from Stanford University and a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University. Previously, she was a senior marketing executive at General Foods Corp., SSC&B Advertising and Young & Rubicam Advertising where she specialized in consumer goods and services marketing.

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