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Strategic Consulting and Organizational Change for the Biomedical Industry

Developing strategic and business growth initiatives for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device, diagnostic, R&D, information management and healthcare provider organizations.

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Strategic Consulting

A decade of healthcare industry restructuring has accelerated the pursuit of shareholder value which has, at times, required unconventional solutions. PGI has assisted its client companies in developing innovative strategic approaches and business problem solving that has created that value, including

  • Developing strategic solutions for the changing pharma marketplace for major pharma companies
  • Assessing the impact of emerging biotechnologies on core pharma businesses
  • Analyzing proposed acquisitions, such as a pharmacy benefit management company
  • Restructuring and revitalizing the R&D program of a major pharma company
  • Developing a client’s early stage technology into a leading biocomputer company for combinatorial chemistry, high throughput screening, DNA diagnostics and "gene chip" applications and arranging funding with a major pharma company to complete the technology and system development
  • Creating a minimally invasive surgery unit from disparate operations
  • Designing and organizing an internal, multi-divisional management structure and marketing plan to penetrate Eastern Europe (which led to a ten-fold increase in target revenues)
  • Organizing a multi-company consortium for pooling and optimizing the utility of healthcare data
  • Designing the overseas launch of a chain of North American style, disease-specific out-patient treatment centers, focussed initially on cancer
  • Developing a new paradigm for the structure and operation of large pharmaceutical corporations to better fulfill the demands of the new healthcare markets worldwide and enhance investor value
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