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Strategic Consulting and Organizational Change for the Biomedical Industry

Developing strategic and business growth initiatives for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device, diagnostic, R&D, information management and healthcare provider organizations.

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  • The conversion of an electronics research lab into a profitable and highly respected biomedical invention center.

  • The creation of new high technology biomedical business ventures, driving significant valuation increases, even in the current commercial climate where valuations are otherwise plummeting. Some of these enterprises are creating new industries in their own right.

  • The creation of a plan for a large pharmaceutical company's entry into healthcare delivery via a new and modern business model.

  • Assisted in the development and implementation of a new, effective model for the entry into the US market of a large European pharmaceutical company.

  • Assisted a middle tier pharmaceutical company in its development of a new model for R&D productivity. 

  • Advised a major multinational pharmaceutical company with regard to a prospective acquisition into a new line of business. This advice resulted in the withdrawal of the initiative which, if it had proceeded, would have lost the client $3 billion.

  • Created and implemented an industry-wide initiative supported by a consortium, organized by PGI, of biomedical companies, financial and academic institutions and governmental agencies to analyze and report on the correlation of market-based pharmaceutical prices and innovation and economic vitality in the society at large.

  • Developed a program in collaboration with Mass General Hospital and sponsored and funded by the US State Department to establish a new world class pharmaceutical enterprise in Russia to absorb the talents of the former Soviet bio-weapons scientists and obtained a major investment commitment for the new company from significant local investors.

Other stories of the success of PGI's unique approach to helping its clients achieve their most challenging aspirations can be described, along ways we may be able to do the same for you can be explained when you contact us at the above location..

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