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Strategic Consulting and Organizational Change for the Biomedical Industry

Developing strategic and business growth initiatives for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device, diagnostic, R&D, information management and healthcare provider organizations.

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Princeton Group International enjoys an established reputation among pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry players, technology companies, hospital and research institutions and financial firms and funds. Our success in identifying and developing synergistic business opportunities has led to significant business development funding and market growth for our clients and often entré into the highest levels of the larger industry players.

PGI’s principals have over 25 years of experience in structuring and implementing major M&A and financing transactions for companies in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and healthcare industry, including the merger of Bristol-Myers and Squibb.

  • PGI has created and implemented a successful model for technology conversion for a defense contractor who is now a recognized name in the healthcare industry

  • Our new venture creations have involved a new pharmaceutical combinatorial chemistry synthesizer, an inhaler technology, a novel gene sequencer and a new pharmaceutical manufacturing business. See the reference to our affiliated dermatology OTC company, Xenna Corporation, or our home page.

  • We have initiated and managed transactions and projects around the globe including China, Japan, South America, Eastern Europe and Russia. PGI has particular expertise in the healthcare systems and markets of Western Europe

  • PGI also designs and structures R&D commercialization plans for academic centers, hospital systems and other research organizations